Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello, Spring!

Welcome back warm days, allowing Kenna's pants aversion to go unchecked and messy art projects to go outside.

Welcome back longer bike rides and walks outdoors that result in longer nap times and quieter quiet times indoors.

Welcome back growing things, garden tools, dirty fingernails and sore muscles.

Welcome back, Spring. We missed you!


  1. So, this is the time of year when reading your blog becomes almost physically painful! We're still living in a bleak, cold world . . . I know warm weather will come and stay eventually, but the closer we get the harder it is to wait. Still, I'm glad for you that spring has come. I imagine it's much easier to be caring for a new baby and two energetic kids while sitting in the sunshine on your deck! :)

  2. Okay let me just say... you're a brave soul!!! Brand new baby and painting with the kids! I can't say we'll be breaking out the paint anytime soon. Sidewalk chalk... maybe...maybe. You're a great mom!!!!

  3. Wish we could join in the deck fun!...and the gardening sounds fun to! I worked on our back patio/beds area out back and would love to landscape it however two months in Florida make it a poor time to start that! d

  4. Where did you find the forsythia scrub blooming? d

  5. (Christy) As you can see, brand new baby and painting with the kids = one of those kids painting her entire body. Brave? Probably more like insane. Or just that desperate to get them occupied! Maybe I should stick to sidewalk chalk:)

  6. (Dad) the Forsythia is right out front in the bed under the office windows...I don't think it gets enough sun there.


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