Sunday, March 15, 2009

missing you already

We had to say goodbye to my mom today. We managed to hold back the tears as we unloaded her bags at the airport. Mom said she'd save hers for the plane and I made it only as far as the car where Kenna asked, "go find Yiayia?"
I wish I could find words to say how truly thankful I am for my parents. For mom's hard work and care all these weeks and for dad being willing to let her go for so long - and mostly just for them being who they are all the time.

Thank you, Mom and Dad. We love you so very much.


  1. Precious, precious pictures...of a precious, precious family.
    Geez, I'm teary eyed thinking of saying 'bye' to your mama too! :)
    The picture of your folks is very sweet - great shot.

  2. Well, I got teary eyed when I read Kenna's statement. I know you all will miss your mom and she will feel so "lost" for awhile. I think you have "great" parents, too! Now--to Chicago for YaiYai!

  3. I can never remember how YiaYia is spelled!


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