Thursday, March 26, 2009

new growth new plan

New spring growth is beginning to inch its way out of bare branches and beds, beckoning us to start working. I have yet to come up with a plan for how I will do it but I do have a plan for what I will do. I discovered last year just how bad the rabbit population is in our yard, so I have no choice but to avoid planting things they like to eat or face more frustration. While the they destroyed the backyard, they left the front mostly untouched and after compiling a list of "rabbit resistant" plants I know why (I searched sites like this one and this one). Most of the plants in the front yard happen to be on that list.

Hopefully this season will yield more full grown plants and fewer rabbit feasts. Here is a sampling of the planting possibilities for this year...

*Astilbe*Baptisa*Allium*Anise Hyssop
*Oregano*Lavender*Coreopsis*Lambs Ears
*Daylilies*Iris*Bee Balm*Zinnia*Cat Mint*Foxglove*Peony*

Birds on the other hand, are most welcome. I just wish we could attract them as well as we seem to attract the bunnies!


  1. I had astilbe in my garden, and it THRIVED! So it should definitely like your garden, as well. The lambs ears grew like a weed, and I can put in a good word for ferns as well. I think they make such a good pairing with hydrangeas! Oh, all this talk of gardening makes me long to get my hands dirty in the soil!

  2. Ooooh, I see some hydrangea leaves! :)
    Ours are cropping out, too. We got a healthy dose of rain today, so everything is really getting very green, very fast.

  3. peonies are some of my faves! B-E-A-UTIFUL! I sure wish we could grow hydrangeas here like we could in Atlanta- they are wonderful! happy planting! I think the only additions to our yard will be 3 pink rose bushes (just to add a bit more pink to our lives before July) that we bought last weekend at Antique Rose Emporium... I do hope we get our house painted and there is a possibility of a wood deck in the back...

  4. I love peonies. We are just one zone too hot for them to do well here unfortunately. Those and lilacs are my favorites. However, the fact that I can grow blueberries and figs so easily definitely make up for it!


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