Tuesday, March 10, 2009

marshmallow moon

Marshmallow roasting and moon gazing...not a bad way to spend a cool evening outside with the family. We were so glad to have Pappy and Grams (the Campbell's) here for the weekend. The time went too fast! I have one more week with Yiayia and then I have to give her back to my dad who I know is missing her terribly. Shawn will also be leaving town for a week so I guess it's about time I figure out how life is really going to work now. It will be fine. We will be fine. I know, because I've had these amazing mom's and dad's in my life showing me how it's done. What a blessing, their example and prayers and visits and help...what a blessing.


  1. Hasn't the weather been absolutely wonderful?!

  2. Oooh...looks inviting!

  3. Your deck...on that evening...looks like about the best place in the world right now!:)

  4. kelli-
    have you seen "Baby Legs"? They are basically leg warmers covering the entire leg to be warn with onesies (or whatever else, for that matter)- i think they are really cute and totally something you could knit, you talented chica... random, but i thought of you when i was looking at a picture of some the other day-

  5. well, you should all just come on over!

    melissa, I have seen babylegs! actually, kenna had a pair from somewhere. I've seen cute patterns that make me wish I had real knitting skills -crochet ones wouldn't be as cute.
    I really should work more at the knitting.


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