Sunday, March 22, 2009

one long week

We survived our first week alone together, me and the kids. First of many I'm sure. Tristan and Kenna are excited to welcome dad home tonight -they even made him a sign.

Thanks to the amazing meals delivered by friends, we ate more than cereal and string cheese and had some contact with the outside world every day. We enjoyed the spring weather and plenty of messy crafts. We even made it to church this morning -almost on time.

I would tell more about the week but I'm too exhausted. Actually, I don't even remember anything more about the's fading into a sleep deprived, foggy memory. I'm just glad we made it. And we're still smiling.


  1. Hey- he should have called! He could have come to church with us, or just relaxed over @ the house, instead of hanging in his room @ the 'Q...

  2. three beautiful, healthy kids! Love the good pics!


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