Tuesday, March 24, 2009

little prince & scattered mama

When Lisa was here I promised her and Joey hats. Lisa got a scattered mama hat like mine but in that pretty, creamy white wool. Joey was going to get a regular old baby beanie but then I couldn't resist this pattern for a crown fit for a little prince. It may not be warm enough for Spokane's still-harsh temps with it's open top but it is super cute as you can see in the above photo Lisa sent me. Here's a picture I took of Kate modeling it before I put it in the mail so you can see the top better...

Both hats are quick and easy one-afternoon crochet projects. I'm thinking the crown would make a fun first birthday gift and works just as well for a little princess in pink.


  1. Wow: That is really, really cute! You're so talented :)

  2. Adorable! I need to try that pattern - I remember you included it in my pattern book Christmas gift. So impressed that you're finding time to crochet!

  3. Too cute! I'm with Christie - so amazed that you're able to crochet amidst your busy group!
    You're getting to be quite the Crochet Goddess! :)


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