Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sick Day

"Mom, the sicky bugs are making my cough hurt!"
So what do you do with sick boy and busy baby on a stormy day?
Easter Basket Lights! Well, they are Chinese Lanterns that you can get directions for here, but Tristan thinks they look like Easter baskets - even better! (Although, he was worried about the fact that they have no bottoms to hold the eggs in...I assured him we will get other baskets for holding eggs.) Great craft for a kid who likes to "snip".

Muffin Mess (Tristan insists he must "tap" each muffin before it is baked)... Paper Mess...


  1. I love the lanterns! Perfect for a dark and stormy day (or a dark and snowy day).

  2. I agree with Christie! The lanterns turned out beautifully! I like that Tristan thinks they're Easter lights - why not?? :)

  3. hello mom of the year!! wow! what cute, creative ideas! i love the lanterns!!


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