Saturday, March 1, 2008


March is here! The first day of Spring is officially less than 3 weeks away.
Let's get to work!

Week 1: Dig, Plant
Week 2: Dig some more, Plant some more
Week 3: Yell at dog for digging, Re-plant what dog dug up

Tristan's question of the day: "Is it springtime yet?"
Also: "Do Dinosaurs wag their tails?"

Kenna's question of the day (every day):"eh? eh? eh? eh? eh? sssssssssss?!?!"
(If anyone speaks baby and can translate this for me - please, please do.)

1 comment:

  1. Are you really digging and planting already?? Or, is that just a metaphor? 'Cause I just can't believe that planting season has already arrived in some parts of the world. Seems unbelievable. Although, the extra sunshine is telling me that spring must be headed this way too . . .


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