Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gardening Shoes

I told you the weeds were bad! This was just one of many loads and the source of many blisters.

All this work requires the right shoes. There is nothing cuter than a little boy in shorts and his big, black boots. As in, "Mom, can I wear my big, black boots to church today?" "Mom, my big, black boots will be good for school!" And my favorite, "Mom, I was wearing my big, black boots when I was sleeping and they made me awake!" I am enjoying my new polka-dot Garden shoes (thanks mom!)

Now if only we could find some in her size...


  1. I'm jealous of those cute gardening shoes and that blooming forsythia! Your springtime photos are torturing me - we're supposed to get snow again tomorrow! :(

  2. What an adorable blog entry, my friend! You are gifted indeed.


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