Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Good Saturday

This is what Kenna did every time I pointed the camera at her today...
Apparently, she was happy to be at the Herb and Garden Fair at the historic Poplar Grove Plantation. We had a lot of fun sniffing different herbs and flowers and choosing our own Peppermint, Basil, Chamomile, and Honeysuckle to take home. We even found a Chocolate Mint! The car has never smelled so good. I told Tristan I thought so and his reply was, "yeah, it's better than Kenna's smell."
My favorite find of the day was this plant...Tristan's favorite find was the free, blue candy. My Dad used to grow these clover-leafed, pink flowering plants all over our yard on Jersey Street in College Station, Texas. I remember pulling the stems and chewing on them to taste the sour juice inside. Now I know they are called Oxalis Crassipes or 'Garden Hardy Pink' and now I will have them in my yard.

Here is what came home with us...
I heart good Saturdays...


  1. Oh, I can still taste those sour stems! Are they best for edging beds? I can't really remember how they used to grow . . .

  2. Fun day indeed! I'm so glad you had so much fun! Here's to enjoying the fruit of the labor, and to the last of the cold nights, God willing! To planting we will go!

  3. Beautiful!!! I heart that last picture...what type of plant is that?? So, when you're 'done' making your yard the "Better Homes and Gardens" Yard of the Year, will you come help me with my flowerbeds?

  4. I've already been picking Dad's brain on how to grow them...glad he'll be here in a few weeks to give advice!
    That last plant is a Bleeding Heart...I've killed one before(second time's the charm??)
    Sara - your flower beds are gorgeous- I want YOUR help with my roses!

  5. After your done with Sara's house, can you come to mine please? Your day looks like it was so much fun! I adore the pictures of the kids, priceless!


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