Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Tristan and I are almost finished with Charlotte’s Web just a few days into reading it together. My little boy has suddenly gone from needing big, bold illustrations (preferably of trucks) on every page, to suddenly begging for “one more chapter mommy! Let’s get to the fair!” We lay on the big spare room bed, under Great-Grandmother Geye’s quilt, looking up at our paper lantern lights. Tristan calls it “the reading spot”. Perfect.

Kenna has become quite a little bookworm as well. Her favorite book? A gorgeous little picture board book, Spring by Gerda Muller. Our current coffee table stack includes Winter, Autumn and Summer as well as a bunch of Beatrix Potter stories, Golden books and other various board books to choose from, but day after day, I find my Kenna bear toddling up to me with that book in her outstretched arms. “Eh? Eh? Eh? Eh? Ssssssssss?” she exclaims, as she pushes and shoves and climbs her way into my lap. Yes, this is still all she ever says to me. I can’t get enough of those little baby hands turning the thick pages and pointing to favorite pictures. Again, perfect.

The dishes and laundry can wait…we have a County Fair to get to and Spring to celebrate.


  1. Sounds like inspiring spring-time reading! I may just take Kenna's recommendation. AND, I noticed the first crocus buds popping up by our front door this morning, so I'm thinking my dream of spring might soon come true. Another sign of spring? For, I believe, the very first day since Christmas I have left the house without boots. Yes, today I am wearing neither rainboots nor snowboots. I am wearing pink converse sneakers. Is there any surer sign of spring?

  2. I wore flip-flops for the second time in a week!
    It is Spring!!


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