Monday, March 10, 2008

Bring in the Marines...Wives!

We are Marine Corps wives, my dear friend Christy and I, and we felt like a couple of pioneer women today as we worked in our yards. We are Strong! Capable! Empowered! Able! Hoo-Ra!
And now….we are Sore!

I drove down the street to Christy’s house this morning to enjoy breakfast, playtime and the Noggin channel with our boys and girls while Christy ventured out to rent a gas-powered tiller. As the kids pushed a bubble mower we pushed that tiller, creating new flowerbeds that will keep us busy all summer long. I have to admit, there was a moment when I thought we might be in over our heads with our little project. Tillers are unwieldy creatures and before we figured out how to use it correctly, we were probably a funny sight.

I wish I had a picture of the work in progress –or at least one of Christy laughing as she was drug around by the cumbersome tiller, or of Tristan and Peter waving sticks in the air like pirate swords, or of Kenna’s sweet toes in the pretty patch of moss she discovered, or of baby Anna’s bright blue eyes as she blew her cereal raspberries at me- but somehow my blistered hands didn't find their way to a camera. Those are the photos from the day as I see them in my head. I wish you could see how beautiful it was.

Christy and I have big plans for the flowers that will grace our homes this summer. As we work, we are continually referencing our husbands…what they would say about this, do to that, or plant here. We are both married to wonderful men who we know would love nothing more than to be here helping with our crazy schemes- or at least they would love playing soccer with the boys as we garden- but they have bigger jobs to do right now. I think I can speak for us both when I say that we are so proud and so thankful for them! Because they seem so few, we cherish the days we get to spend our men and we think of them constantly, even as we garden and play. That's why when they can’t be with us, I thank the Lord we have each other.
We are Marine Corps wives. Semper Fi.

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