Monday, March 17, 2008

Field Trip

We spent the morning shivering in the cold but thoroughly enjoying a tour of the Whispering Dove Goat Ranch and Apiary. Before today, I had never heard the term apiary (it's where they keep bees!) and I hadn't really considered eating goat or rabbit meat (I couldn't quite bring myself to purchase the frozen selections but perhaps another day...) I did buy some of the pure, golden honey and wonder if it might help with our seasonal sniffles. This picturesque little Ranch just a few miles from our house is home to goats, chickens, pigs, rabbits, bees and a lovely couple dedicated to raising healthy animals for healthy food and other natural products - as well as educating people like me who never heard the word apiary!

After finishing Charlotte's Web this week, Tristan was excited to find plenty of cute piglets AND spider webs in the barn! I loved seeing all the baby animals which reminded me spring officially begins in only three days!


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