Tuesday, March 29, 2011

can you say hats ten times fast without saying sats?

If you've read this blog for a while, you may know that I have a bit of a hat-making habit. Actually, I'm just not very good at anything else. I'm impatient and hats are quick and easy (and a stockpile of baby hats is nice to have when your friends are having new kids left and right.) That picture shows just a few of my most recent pile-o-hats. I think it was the result of those four straight seasons of Eureka on Netflix.
Our friends, Shawn and Elaine, had a new baby girl not too long ago, Amelia (I just love her name.) They will be moving out to the Pacific Northwest this summer so I figured a baby could use some warm things. I also figured she probably has a ton of pink stuff already, so I picked out a cozy fleece outfit in blue and made a hat to match. I adapted a simple pattern, adding a scalloped edge and eye-let row and then realized I already had some polka-dot ribbon that perfectly matched the outfit! Score!
polka-dots to match
Yes, I like finding joy in the little things. Like little baby things and surprise crochet successes.


  1. Thank you for making all of these "sats"! We love the outfit and the hat and can't wait until she can weat them!

  2. AWWW SWEET Hat!!! maybe I'll have another girl one day and you can make her one :-)

  3. That hat you made Kate, is one of my all time prized possessions!! Cutest thing ever!!!! WE gotta keep you hooked (ha ha) on netflixed tv series.... hmm let's see... what series can we get you on next?

  4. I adore it! I think it is a shame that people do not make more blue things for little girls. Elizabeth looks absolutely lovely in blue but I could never ever find anything for her! The outfit and hat are gorgeous. I am jealous of your patience to even sit down and make them.


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