Friday, March 4, 2011

the national gallery | tristan's recap

This past Monday, I took Tristan and Kenna to the National Gallery of Art where we joined a group of families from Classical Conversations. I have been several times before but this was the first visit for the kids. About ten minutes into our docent-led children's tour, Tristan whispered up to me, "mom, this is a lot funner than I thought it would be!"
Since he enjoyed it so much, I thought I'd let him tell you all about it...
"We started at Daniel in the Lions' Den. We were asked which lion was our favorite and why. I chose  this big one on the side because I like it."
"Then we went to another room with a painting and we were given a little cloth to find the same color on one of the paintings. Mine was blue and I found it. I was the last one to find it because it was hidden in a picture of a battle and it was somebody's cape. Kenna found the little pink tie. She looks funny. She looks pretty small, like as small as a small mouse."
"I forgot what this place was called but if we got lost we would go back to it. But I didn't get lost! The columns were like the rooks in our chess set."
(mom note- The rotunda in the center of the museum is absolutely beautiful. While my eyes always go straight for the flowers, Tristan's first observation was the columns because he often gets to play chess with a special ceramic set Shawn bought in Greece.)
"That is a statue that Degas made. There was another copy of it behind us and we read a storybook about it. I liked the story about the Little Dancer. I wondered why parts of her dress were all brown and kind of a little messy too. I don't know why it was."
"I had fun at the museum.
love, Tristan."


  1. Great post! I love your guest contributor! Looks like a wonderful experience. :)

  2. i love the part about Kenna being as little as a little mouse. TOO CUTE! Great post!

  3. What a great opportunity for your children to experience this art gallory. This is a great post and I love Tristan's description. Kenna does look small in that huge room. Thanks for keeping us informed on what you all are doing.
    Aunt Katherine

  4. nice pictures! :-) I love that some of our shots were even from the similar vantage points but turned out so differently. I love the rotunda photo...very nice. Thanks for the tips. It was a fun place to shoot!

  5. We just went to NC Museum of Art - not quite like the National Gallery, but still a great exposure for the kids. The boys maintained their interest through most of it. Hannah on the other hand, exclaimed quite loudly, "I see a penis!" as we walked by all the marble statues. (Sorry if you have to delete my comment for inappropriateness). :)


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