Thursday, March 10, 2011

in the air

spring is coming
Spring is less than two weeks away, set to arrive on Sunday, March 20. As I sit here, shivering, while cold rain splatters my window, I can't help but dream of cherry blossoms and bare feet in soft green grass. Better yet, our first day of spring is also bringing my dear friend, Sara, and her hubs all the way from Texas! I can't think of a better way to enjoy the shift of seasons to what will likely be our last East coast spring for a while. As much as I love snow and the coziness of winter, I think I've had enough. I'm good. Bring on the sunshine! Although, I might miss seeing the combinations of winter garb that my girls dig out of their closet...
baby bear1

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  1. The countdown is ON! How funny that you would write today about the first day of spring and how it coincides with us landing on your doorstep.... I was thinking about that earlier this morning!
    Can hardly wait to see you and stir up some trouble with you, friend!!!! :D


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