Saturday, April 2, 2011

mobile blogging

At this moment I am sitting in a dark hotel room, half-way to Florida, trying to get three giggly kids to go to sleep. Since lights out, I have changed one's stinky diaper and allowed four trips to the bathroom between the other two. What in the world -surely they are done now. Yeah probably not.
Shawn got home last night from a short trip to Oklahoma and leaves again next weekend for California, so when friends offered us a condo on the beach this week we figured, "sure! What's one more thing?! Let's cram a vacation into that little hole on the calendar!"
So, here I am, dark room, giggling kids, nothing to do. Shawn is downstairs doing homework for the graduate degree he is working towards in his spare time. Because he has so much of that.
Since I didn't feel like sitting in the bathroom to read my book, I thought I'd find out if it's possible to blog by iPhone (so please excuse any strange or foul words the auto-correct may insert into this post- someone at Apple thinks he's pretty funny.)
One thing it looks like I can't do is add photos but I just so happened to have this old photo in a draft that was actually a perfect one to share today. It's a Lenten Rose that bloomed in my garden about this time last year. I really miss that garden. Today as we drove south into North Carolina and the temperature rose about twenty degrees and the dark rainclouds gave way to bright blue skies, I started picturing in my head all the things that must be blooming around our old house. The cherry and red maples are probably already leafed out. The peony might be a couple of feet high and the azaleas are close to flowering. I'm sure the lawn is weedy as always. I wonder if that picky gardenia is surviving at the hands of our renters? Yeah probably not.
I wonder if I'll have a new garden blooming this time next year? And where?
We are supposed to move in one month. One month! But we still don't know for sure where we are supposed to move to. Normally this might be a stressful situation but I'm actually ok with the arrangement. This month we have school to finish, museums still to see, cherry blossoms to photograph, a birthday to celebrate, girlfriends in North Carolina to visit (which come to think of it will also give me a chance to spy on my old garden) and now, a week at the beach to enjoy! Clearly, arranging a move would really just get in the way of April. Maybe I'll eat my words when we're scrambling through May though. Yeah probably not.
ok, so now my wrists feel slightly tingly and I see that I'm seriously rambling in my boredom. Here I am typing on a two inch keyboard and I've manged to write the longest post this blog has seen in a while. Sheesh.
Middle child just made bathroom trip number five but baby girl is snoring in her sleeping bag. One down at least.
I'll be back in a week with a tan and pictures from Florida but in the mean time I have some pictures from the past couple of weeks to catch you up on. Maybe not planning a move and not having a garden to spend all my time in this spring will allow me to better keep up with my photos.
Yeah probably not.
Happy April, friends!


  1. fondest memory now of dear old Neptune Beach is the thought of our three grandchildren running around there at 45th street pier while we are now stuck up here in Kansas! :( :( how many weeks did we spend there with no grandkids around????.....we all have to do a better job planning our calendars!!
    .....also be sure to ask mom to tell you about our favorite 'straight-off-the-boat-sea-food' spot! You might like it! :)

  2. Precious friend, you write so well! I felt like I just took a quick trip to FL to share that moment in the condo with you! Can't wait for your next trip!! We'll set up some covert ops to check out your old garden along with some antiquing and thai food. Ahhh yes, just like old times!!!


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