Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my *other* camera

Sometimes I just can't manage to lug my camera around with the squirming animal-child or the diaper bag or the half-eaten banana or the bikes-up-the-hill. Or my sanity.
the butterfly
So a lot of times, I rely on my phone to capture the moments worth remembering within those moments.
sweet moment
Or I might grab a quick snap of the something I forgot to photograph at home when I did have my camera handy.
my yummy lemon cake
Or of friends when I don't want to annoy everyone with beeping and flashing and clicking.
game night
Then there are the times when I feel the urge to take random pictures of random stuff. Like myself at the gym.
all to myself
But if you take a lot of camera-phone pictures, you know they are usually really poor quality. So, you have to get an app that makes them poor quality on purpose...
which means they look cool.
winter to spring2
The Hipstamatic is definitely my favorite (and second most used, after my Bible App). Sometimes I use it even if I do have my *real* camera on me, just because I love that grizzled edge and those vintage colors.
show & tell
I love that it can go to school or to the park or to the breakfast table or right back into the pocket when that kid on the bike needs to be pushed up a hill.
that girl
The photos do tend to pile up in there since I'm bad about remembering to download them and see what I've got.
little playsik pirate
And I've been known to accidentally hang up on people as they were calling because I was about to click the shutter button when the ignore call button popped up. So if you ever have trouble getting through to me, keep trying. I'm probably just in the middle of taking pictures of something weird.
on the counter today
Like a half-eaten snack with some tree branches.
Get out that phone and go take some pictures today, people! It'll make you smile, I promise.


  1. I love it. I need to get that app for certain! Is it available for the old iphone too or does it only work on the one that they released last year?

  2. I need some young sweet grand-children-faces around me to remind me there are lots of great photo objects out there!

  3. Kristin -yes! I first downloaded it to Shawn's 3 before I had my 4 and it works on both. Best $1.99 I've spent:)

  4. This was one of the first apps I bought when I went iPhone...I have had the best time playing with it and have even lucked into some cool pics!


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