Wednesday, July 28, 2010

window shopping

windows 1
Hello, my name is Kelli. I buy old windows.
I do so love old, beat-up windows.  The older and more beat-up, the better.  You can find stacks of these white ones at most any flea market or antique shop for cheap.  I think I paid around $3 for them?  Then they sat in my garage for a while as I tried to figure out what exactly my plan for using them had been.  I realized I never really had a plan, just a bad window buying habit so I put a couple of them out in our garage sale where they were promptly knocked over by a gust of wind and broken.  Huh.
windows 2
I had saved back a few, however,  knowing that one day that plan would come to mind and they came with us to Virginia padded in brown paper and tape. Sure enough, all it took was plopping me into a house with so many white walls to get the decorating juices flowing.  Shawn found the perfect shade of avacado-ey green which I happily and messily painted on and sanded off (like I said, the more beat-up, the better -we can't have that paint looking all new and shiny!)
windows 3
The result? Color -and a whole lot of character- on those Great White Walls of ours!
Oh, and what is Shawn working on in that first photo, you ask?  Well, that's another project for another post...


  1. Looks great! Glad to see you're enjoying some nest-feathering. :)

  2. I love old windows too. My Mom brought me one from an old homestead on our ranch in MT. Some of the panes are missing, but I like that. You've inspired me to actually do something with it. There is a lady in town who has a collage of windows on her living room wall painted in various bright colors from aqua to apple green. Very cute.

  3. Ooooh, LOVE your creative eye! Great job :)


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