Friday, July 23, 2010

recent babbles from katie-kate

sweet katie face
"I'm hungry" Now that she's figured this one out, we hear it all the time. It was her first full sentence and the cutest thing about it is the way she seems to work so hard at making the words come out of her mouth clearly.

"I'm sorry!" said to Kenna while sweetly patting her head after beaming her in the face with Tristan's toy light saber. Now she seems to think it is a sort of game. Hit Kenna on the head, say sorry, hit Kenna on the head, say sorry...

"cookie!" I'm surprised this one took her so long.

"peas! peas! peas! peas! peas....!" Said over and over again with a lot of spit and drool as she simultaneously makes the baby sign for "please". Usually she is asking for food.

"mak?! mak?! mak?!" Asking for milk, also as she makes the baby sign. Over and over and over...

This one also loves to dance.  Maybe I'll catch that on video for you soon.  We've witnessed her literally explode out of a sound sleep into her dance moves in the car when the radio suddenly blared  too loudly.
She may be little but she makes her presence known and life is never dull (or quiet) with Kate around.


  1. I love baby signs! I can just imagine that sweet little lady signing these words over and over until she gets what she wants!! :)

  2. What a beauty...and so smart too! Elizabeth is still not making sentences and words are mostly babbling, but there are more and more every day that we think are real words. :)


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