Thursday, July 15, 2010

Touristing | The National Museum of the Marine Corps

Is touristing a word? Well, it is in my head and as long as we live here I think you'll be seeing it quite often on this blog because we plan to do a lot of touristing this year.
Yesterday we visited the Marine Corps museum. Impressive, to say the least.  I love how the building design is so very Marine Corps with it's massive stone walls bunkered in the hillside.  It also beautifully mirrors the shape of the Iwo Jima memorial...
Marine Corps MuseumMarine Corps Museum
I loved the rotunda with the famous quotes engraved on the walls and the mast reaching up through the glass...
the marines have landed...Marine Corps Museum
It was moving to see the Iwo Jima flag (from the second raising)...
the Iwo Jima flagamen
It's good to be at The Crossroads again.  The history and tradition of the Marines is rich here and I am so proud when I look at my husband and know what a great story he plays a part in.


  1. I agree! I absolutely love the Marine Corps Museum. The way they put such experiential detail to each exhibit makes it my favorite museum. It is fascinating. The Khe Sahn exhibit with the the sound of the 46 running, gunshots, and the smell of engine oil, the ship landing on Iwo Jima as you listen to the brief on the boat and exit into "Iwo Jima" as if you're a Marine, and the Chosen River exhibit in that cold room with the terrain. The museaum is all about putting the observer in the shoes of the Marines in that moment. I loved it!

  2. we want to visit that!
    Hopefully soon. d


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