Monday, July 19, 2010

touristing | D.C.

We drove into the city one day last week on a mission to visit the Natural History Museum.  We passed this sculpture outside the National Gallery of Art as we walked along the Mall but as it was very hot and Shawn was kind of one-museum-minded that day, we moved on quickly and I didn't catch the name or artist.  I snapped a picture and later, after searching and searching, managed to figure out that it is "Graft" by Roxy Paine (what would I do without Google?)
can I plant one in my garden?
Shawn and I have been to the Smithsonian museums before and knew it would be a different experience altogether with three small children...
Natural History Museum
Thank goodness for the "children's discovery room", some $6 slices of pizza and all those dinosaur bones.  I think they would all be happy to go again (and I will be packing a cheap sack lunch).  On our way back to the car we stumbled upon a farmer's market, much to Shawn's delight. Can't you tell?
D.C. farmer's market
OK, so maybe I am the only one in the family able to appreciate a farmer's market on a 98 degree summer day with children in tow who badly need naps...but what a great spot there with the Archives building in the distance and they had such pretty flowers...
zinnias at the farmer's market
...and now I am kicking myself for not bringing some home.


  1. What a wonderful adventure and great educational location for your children. Love your post and pictures. The kids are sure growing up.
    It's hot here, too!
    Aunt Katherine

  2. Great pics! Tristan's face is SO RED in the farmer's market pic. Looking at that pic makes me hot and really appreciate my 80 degree no humidity weather!

  3. Oooh, it was hot there that day!! I love all the exploring you're able to do -- it must be a bit of a homeschooling mom's dream to have so much history at your fingertips! :)
    Love the pics
    Love the new blog layout
    Not loving missing you!

  4. Sounds like a fun adventure. I love farmers' markets - next time you want someone to go with I'll gladly volunteer :)

  5. Which farmers' market did you go to? That's not Eastern Market is it? My DC geography is fairly crummy, but I don't think EM is near the Archives.

  6. Robin -I wish I knew. I tried to look it up but couldn't figure it out. All the DC markets I found listed looked like they were at other locations.
    I also wanted to find out what markets are closer to us for visiting regularly and there isn't much down here...going to have to get your recs on u-pick farms in the the area.

  7. The two farms I've been to aren't close to you. They are about an hour west of me.

    Try these websites:

  8. Kurt read your post before I did and said, "You have to see the picture of Shawn's face at the Farmer's Market!" I think he can relate because of my obsessive stops at places that no one wants to go but me. :)

  9. hahaha Laura that made Shawn and I laugh out loud! When you come visit, we'll send all the boys to the park while we go antiquing in Fredericksburg:)


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