Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a move-in checklist

First things first -flowers on the porch- check.  Meet the neighbors -check. In Kenna's case this means greeting the puppies next door since she spends most of her time lately being a puppy herself (walking on all fours through the grocery store, making me play fetch with her at the park...yes, we get a few funny looks).
home is where...meeting the neighbors
Unpack -check.  Tear down and dispose of all the boxes you unpacked...um, well, they make great slides in our incredibly steep yard!
Observe the local wildlife -check.  So far we've enjoyed watching deer (including this teeny fawn peeking over the hill), ground hogs, turkeys, a nutria and Kate.
local wildlife"kate, say cheese!"
Spend as much time at the pool as you can -check (especially when all those pesky boxes are hanging around the house).  When you are at home, spend it grilling hot dogs on the porch -check (but don't get caught hogging the banana pudding).
enjoying our poolwhat?


  1. Looks like fun! Can't wait to come visit!

  2. fun fun! Glad to see you preserved those pepper plants! Wish I was there to enjoy some of those pods with a nice, hot fajita or so! luv d

  3. Too funny! The list is long of the things I love from this post... but these two top the list:
    "...a nutria and Kate." - What a funny cheese face!
    Shawn's expression, not to mention the whole bowl and BIG spoon! It's like he's saying "what? don't you have your own?" or something!

    Glad to see you're slowly but surely making your new home a 'home'!

  4. love the shot of the deer! they are cuter than the iguanas we have down here ;)

  5. Your new house is so cute! I know you will make it a beautiful home in no time!

  6. Looks like there is all kinds of fun to be had...espeically with all those boxes....


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