Wednesday, July 7, 2010

goodbye, Topsail

The Campbell household is finally back online but we are still digging our way out from under the boxes and packing paper and peeling those annoying numbered stickers off of the furniture (and our feet). So before I can get around to loading some recent pictures of our new home, I'll share some final shots of North Carolina...
Topsail BeachKenna at Topsail Beach
Kate at Topsail BeachTristan and Kenna at Topsail Beach
Topsail BeachTopsail Beach
A spur of the moment drive to the beach in the midst of packing turned out to be the perfect escape and a bittersweet goodbye to one of our favorite places.  When we first moved to North Carolina over six years ago, it was our first home.  We welcomed our sweet baby boy into the world just after arriving and he came to live at the beach with his clueless parents and the dolphins.  We made a tradition of walking on the beach every New Years day that we could, no matter how cold.  It has been a place for leaving notes and finding peace and making so many memories as our family has grown by one, two, three little souls.  There will be other beaches to play on and live by of course, but this one will always hold some of our most precious memories.


  1. Sniffle... sniffle...I forgot that you guys first lived at the beach. Glad to hear that you guys have been loving your new neighborhood! What a great year you have ahead!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a sweet goodbye. Maybe you'll end up back there someday.

  3. that made me tear up a bit! What did you end up doing with the boat?

  4. Oh my goodness...that picture of Kate is so adorable. Once you settled in, we'll have to find a time to get together!

  5. Jordan, the boat is still floating in the New River. We decided moving it right now wouldn't be a wise expenditure so we're waiting to decide what to do with it once we know where we will go from sad to leave it behind!

  6. I'm still finding numbered stickers under furniture from our move and we've been here five years. We'll miss visiting you guys "down South", but look forward to memories made when we head to see you "up North"!


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