Tuesday, April 20, 2010

watching them

I love weeks that begin as a great stretch of blank white boxes on the calendar. I breathe a sigh of relief and determine to hang on to as much of that free time as I can. Moments like these happen in the white space -nourishing moments that carry us through the other days when five minutes to breathe is hard to find.
There is a lot going on this week. Those boxes are filling up quickly with good things, unexpected things, bittersweet things...a lot to ponder. For now though, all I want is to simply watch these three ones and be thankful for the important things.


  1. My boxes are filling quickly, too. Crazy how that happens all of a sudden!! I'm having to dust off that "ability" (which isn't much to speak of ) to say no to a few things... which tears me up in the moment, but in the end is probably for the best.
    Wishing you well with all your "to-do's"!!

  2. All three pictures are great, but I especially like the one of Kenna. Hope your busy week is going well.

  3. So fun to see these sweet little ones! What jewels they are! luv d


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