Wednesday, April 7, 2010

what I meant to say...

I really have it together these days don't I? Some of you may have found half a post with an odd one-letter title in your reader or inbox a while ago...oops. That's just how it goes some days isn't it? Which is why we are taking our chaos down the street to Christy's house in a little while. When the husbands fly late into the night, the wives must survive the dinner/pre-bedtime hours somehow and our solution involves several hours in the backyard and a box of popsicles. Actually, that's how we've been managing mornings and afternoons as well...ah, Spring!

So, before I walk away from the one-too-many-projects I started today, here are a few pictures of the kids being kids in Raleigh this past weekend (yes, the way I take pictures a few equals twelve.) Remember the Campbell-Mosley kid line-up from a couple years ago? And again with all the Croc clad feet here? Well, now between us we have kids ages 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 and baby 0 will join the Mosleys in June! Thanks for a truly perfect weekend, Kurt and Laura!


  1. i'm pretty jealous that everyone is wearing shorts and tanks in these pictures. I'm so READY FOR WARMTH! Miss ya'll!

  2. Love all the scenes of spring, filled with happy kids! Miss you all tons! luv d


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