Wednesday, April 7, 2010

call me sneezy

It has been literally raining pollen in North Carolina for the past two weeks (that is until last night when it actually rained water, so now we have yellow puddles everywhere). I am allergic to pretty much everything that grows and yet I can't help myself. I still spend the entire day outside, breathing it all in. Yesterday, I planted flower seeds and transplanted evergreen saplings from the woods into our yard. I also mowed the lawn and then thrashed my way through the forest, waging war against evil thorny vines with bare legs and hand-clippers. Seriously, I can't help myself- it's in my genes. Today, I am covered in angry red scratches, scrapes and rashes but since the rain stopped and the baby is napping...
I think I'll head back out for more.

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  1. Oh my goodness... We are all sneezy, coughy, and dopey (if you will, from the medicines!) over here too. We're just missing a few of the seven dwarfs!! Our cars and everything else outside has a fine yellow film constantly covering them from all the tree pollen -- I caved today and ran the Rocket (my van) through a car wash, because it grossed me out every time the boys would run their fingers along the side of the van....eeew. Ryan is like you, allergic to everything that grows, so he needs to clear his throat every 2.333 seconds and cough every 8.667 seconds. Fun.
    At least we have some really gorgeous blooms to look at this spring!! We'd better... ;)


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