Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sweet charlies

We stopped at our favorite berry farm yesterday where Kenna exclaimed, "this is great!" over and over as she filled her bucket, Tristan made me promise to make strawberry shortcake with him before I made jam, and Kate simply reveled in help-yourself-heaven.
As I've mentioned before, I love this farm. I was talking to the owner about his growing methods (no pesticides!) and different strawberry varieties when he suggested I try his Sweet Charlie berries for making jam. He then proceeded to load me and my crew into his golf cart for a ride out to the right section of berries.
It didn't take long to fill three buckets (even with Kate helping herself) so we explored the farm a little when we had finished picking. I even let Tristan practice with the big camera for a moment -just a moment.
The afternoon was a blur of sticky, crumbly, strawberry shortcake and jam making messes but we managed to use up all those berries. The Sweet Charlie is true to its name. I used my regular recipe with even less sugar (about 1/4 cup) and for strawberry shortcake we simply mashed them up a bit with no sugar at all. We now have jam for a few weeks but since the fresh berries are gone, I guess we'll just have to go back for more.


  1. Looks fabulous!! We really need to do something like this one of these days!

  2. I need to find a berry farm here somewhere. Love the pics! We have the exact same ergo carrier- don't you love it?

  3. I can so tell that good times were had here! I hope all of your strawberry goodies turn out fabulous.

  4. Ah! fond memories of our trip with you to the berry farm! Wish we could enjoy some of that good berry jam on hot bisquets! luv d

  5. Such beautiful captures. BTW I consider you super mom.


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