Saturday, April 24, 2010

loved ones

Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Carmen
{Dec 19, 1930 ~ Jan 15 2010} {Sept 24, 1930 ~ April 18, 2010}

thinking of my family gathered in California this weekend and wishing I could be there...
no doubt there are tears but also much laughter...
ohmygoodnessakesalive! I miss you all


  1. Funeral service was inspiring. Karen and Phil's pastor did a superb job!...Kim, Jamie, Karen and Phil all shared memories along with neighbors Curt and Pam and others --- so effective --- and yes there was tons of laughter! Friday the girls met at the funeral home to put Carmen's make-up on -- Kim, Lexie, Jamie, Karen, Taylor, Lisa, Jeffri -- what a riot as you would know!! --- the casket was opened at the funeral --- Carmen with her fuzzy hat on -- her talk-radio-headphones and her make-up bag, all packed and ready to go!
    Carmen and Jim did live the details of life to the max....ended much too soon! Karen effectively shared Isaiah 43:1-3b...

  2. Thank you, Kelli - what a wonderful picture of Mom and Dad! And such loving words.... I miss them terribly, as you can imagine ~ I know they are smiling down at all of us from Heaven.

    Much love to you, Shawn and the babies!



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