Friday, April 23, 2010

super stallions

On Friday, Shawn asked if I would "meet him at work" to take a few pictures. I arrived at the LZ (Landing Zone) by the beach a little early and waited...and waited...and waited some more when finally I heard them coming. There is no mistaking the sound of a CH-53 helicopter overhead, so imagine the rumble of six coming your way! At first they were in such a tight formation it was impossible to distinguish individual aircraft in the group...

I stood on top of the truck and took pictures as fast as I could (I'm trying to avoid using the usual terms like "shot at" and "fired away" right now). I didn't know at the time which helo my husband was flying but it turned out I got some great shots pictures of him...

I was standing on that truck, excited about the chance to take such close-up photos of these guys at work when suddenly I realized they were going to take off again right over my head. Hurricane strength winds, people. Right. Over. My. Head. I actually started to shake but couldn't bring myself to stop shooting taking pictures and take cover...
So, I laid flat on my back on that truck, held tight to my camera and captured these...
And then they were gone. As quickly as they appeared over the beach, they disappeared over the trees toward home, leaving me feeling a little silly in that field and excited to find out what I had in my camera. What a rush.
Have you ever been to a good air show? I highly recommend it. Check around, find one in your area, (take some earplugs), and prepare to be amazed.


  1. Oh wow, that's amazing! Justin and I went to an air show about a year and a half ago, and it was fantastic. But I imagine there's nothing quite like the rush of knowing it's you HUSBAND who is flying overhead!

  2. Very cool!! Jimmy's been to a couple airshows, but I've never managed to make it. Though I get a pretty decent show every week or so as they move helicopters back and forth between Lackland and Ft. Hood (or at least, that's what I'm assuming it is). Ahhhh, living on the I-35 corridor...

  3. So cute that he wanted you to take picts! I LOVE THEM, so cool to be able to capture it all!

  4. Oh, the life of a photographer! I can see you lying flat of your back taking pictures. Glad it went well and you got some wonderful pictures.

    Give those three sweet children a hug from their great-aunt katherine.

  5. Fun to see how you edited your description in order to avoid insensitive, inflaming words normally used in a "photo shoot or photo bang or photo take...whatever"!
    luv d

  6. Cool!! We have an air show across the street from us every is amazing!! I guess this would have been a little too intense for the kids? Every time a real fighter jet flies around our house, Grant still gets terrified.

    PS. I have made three batches of that jam and....oh is so yummy. Sometimes I take it out of the fridge and just eat spoonfuls of it!

  7. Awesome pictures! Hilarious mental image of you, the truck and hurricane velocity winds. A rush is right in more ways than one!

  8. LOVE these!!! I especially love the second "close-up" of the underside of one of the helos. I'm assuming that was Shawn's???
    Way too cool, friend!!

  9. Dad -you make me laugh:)

    Alissa -jam by the spoonful? you must be pregnant! ;) but I have to agree, it is that good! I just made some yesterday and I'm having on my toast right now.

    Sara -both those close-ups are shawn! when he told me what number he was in I literally jumped for joy and said 'I got you!'

  10. Good times. I'm sure you were having as much fun as Shawn was!


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