Monday, October 5, 2009

those dancing shoes

I can't believe it was a whole year ago that I made these sweet baby shoes. At the time I wasn't sure who they were for but it turns out they were meant for my own little Kate.
They were kind of a challenge and I haven't made another pair since but seeing them on her now has me itching to make more. Surely that pattern wasn't as tricky as I remember it? We need them in holiday red and winter blue and Kenna could certainly go for some pink or purple with sparkly buttons. There will be no shortage of cozy winter slippers around here this year!

Come to think of it, there is never a shortage of cute shoes of any kind around here. These kids have style, don't you think? They sure didn't get it from me but they have a way of inspiring me to make things like sweet baby dancing shoes.


  1. adorable shoes, and the kids have style because the mommy has style :-)

  2. oh how sweet. I love to see your life through your photos. So so much fun and love.

  3. I love that picutre of kate looking up at you. she is such a little doll! and I love the knit shoes too! Too bad I'm awful at knitting. Also, Kead had a pair of pink boots that she out grew and I can't wait till they fit Sayla! Little girls in pink cowboy boots is so adorable.


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