Thursday, October 22, 2009

birds at the OWLS

Before the whole dropped camera incident on Wednesday, I snapped some photos of the birds we met at the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter (OWLS). The little Kestrel (top left) put on a fun show as his enemy, the Red Tailed Hawk (bottom right) just happened to fly overhead during the presentation. They said it is very rare for guests to have the opportunity to hear his voice or witness his cute tough-guy dance. We loved seeing the Owls up close -not a bird we get to observe at our fence feeder that's for sure. To follow-up on our visit, the kids had a chance to dissect owl pellets in their CC classes today. Tristan, my little scientist, seems to have met his match in the stinky balls of hair and rodent bones. I can't say I blame him for being a bit green in the face -they were really stinky. Classical Conversations is something we have just joined this month and I am really excited about the community. I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of tid-bits from our experiences there in the coming months so I won't go on about it right now. Right now I have a zip lock bag of mouse bones to find a place for and a new lens filter to order...


  1. Are the mouse bones to be used for an anatomy lesson? "Back in the day" I used to have my 7th grade science classes pick apart owl pellets for mouse bones in order to reconstruct a mouse skeleton. If you get past the fact that it's owl waste, it's actually a pretty cool activity.

  2. Aargh. I didn't read carefully enough. I blame it on the baby crying (which he really is doing...)

  3. I find it strange how I think the owls look a little mean and creepy but also really cute.


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