Thursday, October 8, 2009

storybook giveaway!

A very heavy box landed on my doorstep this week. I am excited about this new edition of The Jesus Storybook Bible and the fact that I now have a bunch to give away! I have set aside books for a few special little people I know but there are plenty more in that box, so I want to share with you too.
If you think you're not going to be interested in a child's storybook Bible, just go to the website and click on the little media player in the bottom left corner of the page...
No really, go NOW, then come back here.
OK, did you check it out? Pretty neat, huh?
You want one now don't you?
Well, leave me a comment on this post by Sunday night and tell me what you think (about the book, the weather, your favorite pasta shape, I don't care). I'm looking forward to hearing from you and I'm really looking forward to sharing this beautiful book with you.
Monday morning I will announce three randomly selected winners to receive one copy each of The Jesus Storybook Bible Deluxe Edition. Given the number of comments I usually receive, I'd say your odds are pretty nice! Good luck and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. We {HEART} our Storybook Bible!! The kids esp love the pages that make us turn the book sideways!

    Of course, one could never have too many Bibles, so I'd gladly take one off your hands :)

  2. I think my munchkins would love this! It would definitely give the Richard Scarry books a good run for their money as the default bedtime story.

    Oh, and my favorite pasta shape is Cavatappi. Did you know that it's also referred to as 'Scoobi do?' Wikipedia is so smart.

  3. That looks like such a great one for us to start growing into! Claribel is starting to really enjoy reading books...

    Hey- guess who I ran into at the aggie football game and then HEB a few days later... Kristy Delvo! crazy! been a long time- she said she has kept up with you...

    Sara- you like cavatappi? You should try Pioneer Woman's mac and cheese- she uses jal. jack cheese (some other goodies) and cavatappi- yumm!!!

  4. Kelli!!! I want one, I want one! Elizabeth would love it....

    By the way, the weather in Frisco, TX is raining like cats and dogs...and in the 60s. I broke out my first sweater today because I actually can!

  5. I don't know - you might discover that you have a lot more readers than you realize!
    This is a great giveaway. We love our already-falling-apart storybook Bible. We'll definitely need a new one for baby. I'm afraid ours won't hold out until baby brother is old enough . . . :)

  6. I'm with Christie -- this might just bring out all your lurkers from hiding! :)

    I've admired that Storybook Bible for a long time, but haven't gotten one for my boys YET! We've been given a couple other children's and toddler's Bibles that we've read from, but I've wanted to get a hold of one of those based on your long-time rave reviews.

    However, please don't count me in on this drawing. I'd rather someone else have a chance -- plus, this gives me a great idea (excuse, really) for a Christmas gift for one of my littles or even one of my niece/nephews!

    Have fun!!! :)

  7. Perfect book for our evening bible time! Wyatt might actually sit still!

  8. So, I started playing the media on the website and my little ones all gathered around with curiousity. If we get a book, four children benefit all at one time. :)

  9. Ok you can give me a free bible book, that's fine.

  10. I love the that Bible! I've started giving it out as a gift. It's the best!

  11. Ummmm Treehouse Apartments Rock! Oh and sisters should be disqualified :)

  12. Ooh, pick me, pick me!! It looks amazing. I had just been thinking about trying to get another Bible for Grant (his just doesn't explain the Bible very well), and then I remembered you'd be doing this soon. If we don't win, it's going to be on my Christmas wish list for him. Thanks so much....what a fun opportunity!

    PS. I ordered the Elizabeth Mitchell's cd and we love it! Grant has fun singing with it too...

  13. From one "wingin' it solo" mom to another...I love that you are doing this!

    You are so creative.

    (Do I get bonus points since our husbands have been best friends for half of their lives?)

  14. And if I don't win this...can I win a pair of those adorable - ADORABLE - little shoes?

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