Wednesday, October 28, 2009

morning plans *updated

We're getting seasonal flu shots today. We're going with friends (...because who wants to juggle her three crying children in the doctor's office alone? much better to juggle six kids as a team...right?!) We're promising treats and playtime at a cool new park. We're counting on a stop at Starbucks. We have to visit two different offices to get them all done. We're going to do this. It will be fun or something.
Wish us luck.

We survived! The kids are now covered and Kenna was begging to go to the doctor today for another shot (seriously, kid?!) She has a little book called 'Corduroy Goes to the Doctor' and was really excited about getting a shot just like Corduroy! Even after the momentary scream of pain she still thinks it's cool! Tristan is not one to make light of such situations and made sure every nurse, receptionist, doctor and waiting parent we made eye contact with was aware of the fact that he would only be getting one shot.


  1. Wow - good luck! Livi got hers this morning and it was a peace of cake... if that makes you feel any better :)

  2. It's now Friday, and I haven't seen a new post. Are you still at the doctor's office?


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