Saturday, October 17, 2009

one thousand spiders on my porch

A couple months ago we began watching this Garden Spider outside our dining room window. Kenna liked running to the window squealing and tapping on the glass until the spider started bouncing her web in defense. Poor Miss Spider. Maybe that's what made her re-locate to the porch (or maybe it was my careless hedge trimming?) She even moved her egg sac which we've read may have around 1,000 spiders inside. The thought is creepy but also really amazing.

So, now there is a little spider work of art containing thousands of baby spiders suspended from the porch column. I just recently cleared that spot of Morning Glories (See? I told you they were messy). Tristan wanted to decorate for Halloween like other houses in the neighborhood but I'm not really a fan of Halloween decorations and told him that the Spiders have already taken care of it for us. While we're thinking about and watching the spiders I'd love to try this cool project over at Vintage Chica. I'm sure Tristan wouldn't object to a reason to use his hammer and I like the idea of spider webs in the house that don't contain thousands of spiders.


  1. dude are you going to keep that spider egg sack on your front porch and allow millions of little spiders to hatch and make their way inside to eventually crawl into your mouths while you sleep??

  2. EWWW Lisa! Thanks a lot! Now when I go to bed tonight with my stuffy nose and sleeping with my mouth open that is all I will be able to think of! LOL LOL LOL


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