Tuesday, October 6, 2009

good morning glories

The Morning Glories have taken over my porch. They are growing up and over and under and around it and dropping dead buds and seeds all over it. It's a mess. A beautiful mess but a mess indeed. They reseed the flower beds around the porch every Fall so that every Spring I watch Morning Glory vines sprouting up by the hundreds and ask myself if I really want to let them grow again.
And every year I do, because I see those perfectly heart shaped leaves poking out of the ground and I remember how much I love them. I tell myself the tangled mess will be worth it.
And it is.


  1. You're braver than I... We have some rogue morning glories that try to take over our flowerbeds, and one of us always yanks them out. They will consume a bed in no time at all around here! They do have pretty little leaves and flowers, though. :)
    I love that second photo where the petals haven't unfurled yet. So cool!

  2. I do enjoy this flower!
    In about 1977, I planted a row of varied colored morning glories along a chain-linked fence along the eastern edge of our yard in Rapid City. Lots of water and fertilizer and man did they ever put on a show! the entire neighborhood admired our fence-row all summer long. that was my only real experience with them and it was fun (except for grandmother Geye's morning-glory-sun-shade that she grew to shield her back porch from the morning sun)! d


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