Monday, May 18, 2009

monday morning

It is a drippy forty-seven degrees this morning. Where did May go? Not that I mind as I sit here enjoying warm coffee, a very old sweatshirt, the sound of rain tapping on the windows and wondering how on earth to follow Friday's post?
My weekend following the fly-in included a visit to the pediatrician's office with three sick kids, a visit to the hospital for two sets of chest x-rays, a visit to the pharmacy for medicine and one panda bear nebulizer and (oh so thankfully) a husband who was home for it all! Quite a weekend, yes, but that about sums it up. The kids are coughing ugly coughs but on the mend and the husband is back at work today. So, what to blog?
I decided to slosh around outside in the cool, wet air with my camera and see what's happening. Roses are what's happening. Lots and lots of roses whose blooms seem to glow a hundred times brighter on a cloudy day. Just the thing for a Monday morning, I think?
So, here you go...

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. You make me smile...thank you.

    I hope the kiddos are feeling better...and that you have some sanity after this past weekend.


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