Sunday, May 3, 2009

in the garden

Meet me in the garden
Beside the trees so tall
I will show you the comforter
He will settle your soul...
(from Meet by the River, by Karla Adolphe -Enter the Worship Circle)

Spent some peaceful hours humming that song to myself, planting, weeding and chatting with Kenna while Tristan rode bikes with the neighbor kids and Kate enjoyed her porch swing. I love that the months stretching ahead promise many more of these days.
These days are good for the soul.


  1. We spent several hours outside working on our yard yesterday, too. Many more hours of work before I could call it a garden, but we do have a few tomoatoes on on topsy turvy!

  2. The peony is beautiful! I'm glad you're finding some peace in your days.


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