Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Tristan has collected a whole colony of ladybugs and I am beginning to fear for their little lives. What do you feed captive ladybugs?
We are getting tired of saying goodbye to Dad. Thankfully, he will soon be taking a week of much needed time off ...just before leaving for yet another six weeks or so.
Oh, and those trays of seedlings you see there? Dead. All of them dead but it's alright, this year I will not allow myself to be frustrated by these little failures.
This little one is a ray of sunshine. She smiles all the time. If she's not smiling, she's probably asleep and her asleep face is pretty darn sweet as well.

The kids are doing much, much better and we are making some big sailing plans for next week. We are planning to try an overnight cruise. Crazy? Perhaps, but family adventures with little ones require a little bit of crazy don't you think?


  1. Hang in there - you're doing an awesome job with those angels. I can't imagine how you manage to stay sane with 3... much less with 3 and your hubby gone so much. You're an inspiration!!

  2. Ladybugs eat moist raisins. Seriously. We had our own captives here not too long ago . . . :)

  3. Kate is really looking less like a newborn and more like a baby! Cutie!


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