Friday, May 1, 2009

keeping it real | photography

All this...

Just to catch a little of this...

Kenna wouldn't give up the ugly black umbrella. Tristan was tormenting Kenna. No one was interested in looking at the annoying lady with the camera which I'm pretty sure had a smudge on its lens. Next time we miraculously have extra time before leaving for church, I think I'll just have a second cup of coffee on the porch -all by myself.


  1. I love it! Your kiddos are just that, kiddos, and I they will have so many memories because you found the time to be the annoying lady behind the lense.

  2. things i love:
    -t's expression in the 2nd pic
    -t's upside-down watch
    -kenna's pouty lips
    -kenna's stance in the 3rd pic
    -that there's no denying they're siblings!

    i think my photos would be out of focus due to me shaking the camera...from laughing! what else can you do? way to catch life as it's lived!

  3. These are adorable!! The end result is so worth it (for the rest of us, of course - because we're not the ones doing the child wrangling). And I personally love the umbrella - it kinda looks like a parasol and gives it an elegant touch.

    Great job, mama!

  4. Love 'em!
    Counting the days till July!

  5. Yes!! I know exactly how you feel!! But I think the random ones where Grant's not looking at the camera turn out better anyway. I don't know how you do it without are amazing!! And....your pictures of the messy rooms makes me feel better too. I saw it a few nights ago and meant to comment.

    I love Kenna's sophisticated!


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