Wednesday, May 13, 2009

and so it begins

Now that the growing things have returned, so have those pesky rabbits. (There are a lot of other words I'd like to use for them right now -which is why I'll just stop at pesky.)

The poor Cone Flowers and Black Eyed Susans have been potted and moved to the deck where perhaps they will make a comeback. They are sitting next to the potted Lilies left over from last year's rabbit salad bar.

Pretty blue Salvias and Stella d'Oro Day Lilies stayed behind to fend off the little thieves and so far they are winning the battle.


  1. how frustrating! I guess there's nothing you can do but plant things they don't like??? such a bummer

  2. the color in your salvia is gorgeous!
    sorry to hear the little bunny foo-foos are back...

  3. I didn't know rabbits liked Echinacea. What you really need is a dog, that doesn't dig, who can defend your garden!

  4. Your photography makes them all look attractive regardless of the rabbit nibbles! Somehow you need to import some red foxes! d


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