Friday, May 15, 2009

a homecoming day

They waited...

and watched...
and cheered...
and finally...
he is home.
A beautiful day.


  1. precious.
    precious tears.

    Congrats on the homecoming!!!

  2. Kelli,
    You are truly amazing...Thanks for sharing your incredible talent with us, so that we can treasure those memories forever! You are the BEST!

  3. I am all teared up! Beautiful pictures!!! Is this the family that the daddy just met the new baby?

  4. Yes! baby Kate is in her daddy's arms for the very first time in that precious!
    Taking these pictures was such an incredible privilege and joy.

    Everyone (military or not) should go witness and experience a homecoming like this if you ever get a chance. Words can't describe it and photos don't fully do it justice (but I did my best:)

  5. Soooo moving. That was my brother you were photographing and as I went to the other 125 that you took and I saw that Osprey formation land....I could taste the anticipation and longing! Seeing those guys walking toward their families in military restraint just about killed me! And yes, tears. Thanks for doing that for all of us! ...Robin

  6. Beautiful photos of a beautiful moment. Good job capturing the emotions.

  7. Wow, great pictures capturing a really special time for you and your family! I am so happy he's home safe and sound! Love to you all!! : )

    Amy Martin & family

  8. that picture of baby kate in her daddy's arms made me cry. great pics, of a wonderful event!

  9. Oh, Kelli, thank you for sharing the Kaiser family homecoming with us. As I let the slide show play through the 125 pictures, tears rolled down my cheeks as I anticipated the next photo and my mind just kept singing "America the Beautiful." Thank you, Campbell and Kaiser families, for your continued sacrifice.


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