Saturday, December 27, 2008

us in black and white

Shawn gave me some fun new photography equipment for Christmas like these black and white muslin backdrops and a Speedlight. Oh and the wireless remote hiding in my hands in that last picture. No more wondering how to get me into the family photos. My next photography challenge is going to be teaching Shawn how to use my camera before the day in February when I'll be busy at another task and photos will have to be his priority. That day is getting close isn't it? Oh my.


  1. No kidding is that day getting close! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

  2. What day in February? Donna's is the 3rd, Marty's the 9th, Kolby's the 10th and I believe the 10th is also your mom's birthday and the 9th Tristan's? Also, Dana,Jeff Lewis and maybe Julia Mims have birthdays in Feb. This is a popular month in our family.

  3. LOVE the pic of you. All of them are gorgeous, but yours is stunning. :) That's a great keepsake - you should do another one in early February before the Bean's entrance!
    The backdrops are fun! I've been using just a black sheet for some of ours - haven't done it in quite a while...maybe I should revisit that!


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