Tuesday, December 23, 2008

and there were shepherds...

I was so proud when Tristan's teacher informed me that he was chosen to play a part in the Nativity for the pre-school Christmas concert. A handful of students were chosen and they wanted Tristan because he is so "mature and obedient" (her words). Yes, my pride certainly swelled that day. I was excited to see my mature little boy play the part of a reverent shepherd worshipping at the manger...
My mom ego was put back in it's proper place after watching my little shepherd boy and his buddies climbing on the stable like a jungle gym and conducting a lively discussion about what exactly was in the wise men's gifts as the pre-school classes filed in one by one to sing their songs. Well, they are four year olds, what did we expect? Then, as my sweet little shepherd came forward to be recognized at the end, this was the best look I could get...

Oh, no wait - I did get a better one. When he began to shoot at me.


  1. He is only 4, but this reminds me somewhat of my days at school ... I laughed out loud at the last two pictures, esp the shooting. He is a boy, huh?

  2. Nice...I love the shooting at you one...nice.

  3. He cracks me up! Hope you guys have a great Christmas!

  4. Don't you love the unpredictable boy-play that comes out of the woodworks from time to time? I found that to be most often true when Ethan found himself on stage in front of hundreds of parents.


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