Monday, December 15, 2008

O Christmas Tree

I remember feeling cheated as a kid if we didn't get our tree from a farm. Almost every year, we drove out to WhoKnowsWhereVille, Texas to cut down our pine (really, where was that farm anyway?) Carrying the saw and measuring stick, we walked tree to tree complaining about the choices (too short! too skinny! too many holes!) until we found the perfect one to strap on top of the family suburban....

Since we live on the outskirts of WhoKnowsWhereVille, North Carolina, we didn't have to go very far for a tree. We picked one of the two farms nearby and went in search. The kids were more interested in collecting sticks and worrying that we might not find our way back to the car from that forest of Christmas trees, but we did find our way home and with a lovely fir in tow.

There are many broken ornaments now awaiting super glue but the tree, so excitedly and lovingly (if a little carelessly) decorated, is beautiful.

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  1. You have two of the most beautiful kids ever, Kelli. And you are such a good mom.


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