Thursday, December 18, 2008

princess kenna

She has a style all her own. I let her get away with it as long as I choose her first layer (because so far it's been pretty easy to leave the princess skirts behind as we get out of the car without her noticing). I love to see what she'll choose from her basket of dress-up clothes or even her brother's closet and just how many layers she'll put on before she starts tripping over herself and changing her mind. Never a dull moment with this girl. Never.


  1. Ha! This is so funny! I NEED a girl (because Luke Skywalker/Darth Vador/Red Power Ranger just doesn't give me the same kick-in-the-pants giggle)!

  2. I think the hat is the perfect finishing touch, don't you??!

  3. That binky and pink blankey just make that outfit! Precious pictures and little girl. She's sure looking just like you did at that age.
    Sounds like part of your family are enjoying lots of snow in Spokane!


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