Saturday, December 20, 2008

felt and glitter glue

In my recent craft search, I discovered that if a project involves glitter glue it is an instant winner with Tristan. I liked the two Christmas tree project ideas found here and here, so we combined them into one easy-for-us project. We traced and cut circles of felt, decorated them with glitter-glue dots, let them dry, stacked them on a wooden doll pin and stand -and voila! Cute, mini-trees that can even be handled and played with when finished (this is important as kids would much rather enjoy their handy-work than display it!)


  1. Hey! The pics aren't loading for me... is it just me? They sound so cute- I'm anxious to see what you made!

  2. The pics aren't loading for me either.

  3. I don't know??
    They load fine for me...I can't figure out why you can't see them.
    Could be blogger -tell me if they are still not showing up tomorrow!

  4. Nope - it's a no-go. :( Bummer!
    How are ya?

  5. Soooo cute! We'll have to plan on those for next year!


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