Friday, December 12, 2008

indoor play

Cold and rainy weather, total darkness by 5pm and a tired mama (who feels like she is carrying a large baby octopus) have forced us to spend a lot more time indoors.
I'm realizing we've begun to wear out our current stash of craft supplies and I haven't been very motivated to help my kids occupy their time creatively (evidenced by the fact that "Dora" is the second word out of Kenna's mouth every morning after "milk"). So, I'm on a hunt for simple, fun crafts and I've already placed an order for a few extra special supplies to stuff in Christmas stockings from this fun store. (Crayon rocks and smelly pencils -can I have some too?!)
Tristan's writing has improved by leaps and bounds over the past few months and he has even begun to spell out a few simple words on his own. He is a smarty pants and loves to do reading lessons at home from this book while Kenna looks on excitedly repeating letter sounds like a pro (also a smarty pants and not about to be left in the dust by big brother).
I really like these websites here and here for ideas, so I'll start there. Anyone else have suggestions or favorite activities and crafts to share?


  1. Kelli-
    I saw on my friend's blog that she went to the Dollar Store and bought cheap vinyl placemats and cut them up to make a puzzle. I thought this was a good idea and you can get holiday ones...

  2. For something a little more active, I saw this treasure hunt idea on another friend's blog and thought it was brilliant! Fast and Easy Treasure Hunts for Young Ones

  3. Clever pic with T looking through the bead!
    My first thought was that he has learned to play with black olives similar to the way his mom learned from Aunt Sissie!

  4. That treasure hunt is so easy and clever, Natalie, love it!

    And Dad, Tristan might play with black olives like his Greek family but he certainly won't eat them. Kenna on the other hand...

    good ideas -keep 'em coming:)


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