Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I have been meaning to do this for a while now but just haven't got around to figuring it out. Robin had a nice new watermark today and kindly let me know how she did it. Turns out it's super simple and I had it right in front of me all the time in Picasa. Also, Picasa has a new version available and so far I am liking it. I did these photos real quick as a trial run -what do you think? Any more creative ideas out there for what my little watermark should say or look like?


  1. very cool I like the water mark idea... i will be thinking on what else you should say. Your photographs are lovely.

  2. I love the watermark...very cute and classy.

  3. It looks great! And I love the last photo.

    Did you figure out how to save the watermark? I wasn't able to copy the text, but I also haven't tried very hard to figure it out yet.

    RAW files are pretty large, so that is definitely something to think about. I am more picky in the shots I take now, so I don't take as many pictures these days (for just every day pictures).

    If space is an issue, then you might want to shoot selectively in RAW. But when you see how much control you now have over your photos, it makes you not want to go back to jpg.

    One raw file is about 7-10 Mb. Yikes. Then when you convert it to jpg, you have options of how big you want the file to be. If I'm just posting to my blog, I choose the smallest setting which is usually under 300 kb. If you pick the highest setting, it will be 2-4 Mb. The pics look exactly the same to me, but if you want to print them, I'd do the big size pictures. So then, if you want to save your editing RAW file, it becomes something insane like 20 Mb. I don't ever save the RAW file. BUT if I was doing this for a job, I might want to that saved file. I'm not at that point yet, so I don't save it. But it all adds up.

  4. Are you serious? Do I know you? You're going to be my brush with fame...because this photography thing is going to make you known to the world. You are AMAZING, Kelli.


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