Thursday, October 23, 2008

hello, butterfly!

Photo #1 is my favorite. I love, love, love that the butterfly is hidden among all the blurry flower stems. In photo #2 I was struck by the way the butterfly's wings seem to mimic the shape of the zinnia leaves just beyond it. Orange butterfly on orange zinnia in photo #3 -what's not to love? I had to share them all.


  1. I think the second photo is my favorite. I like how you can see the whole butterfly. I almost alwaysa love a shallow DOF, too.

    What lens do you normally use for your pictures?

    There is a macro lens I want, but I'm not sure how much I would use it. And it is expensive, too.

  2. Ok umm yeah! I love all three! I could see them in a series on some fabulous coffee shop! I LOVE THEM! BRAVO, Kelli!

  3. I would love to experiment with a macro lens. I see info about renting lenses all the time - that might be a good way to go just to try some out and see if it is something you would really use.

    I have two Nikon lenses for my camera -an 18-200mm and a 28-80mm. I tend to use the large zoom most since it's been a great all-round lens. For these and most of the flower shots I set it to aperture priority and use the lowest setting I can.
    I really need to work more on going completely manual.

  4. I bought some extension tubes last year which just fit between the camera body and whatever lens you are using, and it turns your lens into a macro lens. It's the cheap version of going macro. I tried it to see if I'd even like macro. It was interesting, but I think the actual lens would be much better.

  5. My first SLR was my Dad's old Pentax that he got in the 60's. I used to take the lens off and turn it around backwards, holding it close and still up to the camera body as I took pictures. It worked! I got some really great macro shots of some antique watches...I should find some of those and scan them.
    I met a photographer who told me about the trick and it was a fun experiment. I don't know if a digital camera would work that way, never tried.

  6. That's cool. I'm not sure if you could do that with a DSLR, but I really don't know.

    I usually shoot in aperture priority,too. I either forget to mess with manual, or I am just to lazy to deal with it. I really should use manual more.


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